Andrea Katz

12 years ago, I moved to Germany from the United States, where I earned a BS in Psychology and continued my higher education at LMU in Munich, earning a MA in Psychology in Business and Education. 

I have first-hand experience, having grown up with ADD myself. From an early age, I was taught the right tools, strategies, and skills to help me succeed in school, activities and in daily life. Some of these skills I still use today and am grateful to have learned them (of course, as a child it was more of a chore than anything else). Having ADD, feeling ‘different’ than everyone else, and having had struggled with things I knew came easily to others, I decided to use my own experience to help others also succeed. 


Here is what I can offer you:

  • Free consultation for background information, diagnostics, expectations, making a plan, etc.

  • Trainings in English or in German

  • One-on-one concentration training for children and adults

  • Parent-training (What you can do as a parent to make life at home easier for you and your child)

  • ADD/ADHD information evenings

  • Teaching different methods and strategies that improves ADD/ADHD symptoms

  • Feedback sessions (progress, concerns, questions, etc.) with the parents


To request a free consultation:  emailandidkatz@gmail.com

                                                            tel: 017632039108 

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