Learn impulse control, Organisational skills, Time management, Structure a routine, Tips and tools to making learning and concentrating easier.

Children, in general, are naturally energetic and have difficulty focusing on one thing for an extended amount of time. This especially happens when the task they are given isn’t fun, they get bored, and quickly shift their attention to something more interesting. However, it is possible to help a child focus on a task and increase concentration skills for a longer period of time.  Help improve your child’s concentration effectively and easily with this training.

Children with ADHD have a harder time controlling their behavior, due to an impairment in the brain. These impairments prevent them from correctly processing information, making it difficult to pay attention, understand the consequences of their action, control their impulses, and realize when they’ve made a mistake.

​One of the methods I use, and am a certified trainer in, is called Marburger Concentration Training (MCT). MCT is based on self-instruction, including verbal instruction, and is aimed at training children between the ages of 5-12 years old impulse control, improving self-confidence, and to concentrate and work in a structured and effective way. 

ADD and ADHD symptoms are expressed differently in adults than in children. Whether you are struggling at work, home, or in every day life, I can give you the tools you need to stay focused and organized, and teach you how to deal with any challenges you may have. 

Here are some of the many challenges adults with ADD/ADHD may be experiencing at work:

  •   Staying focused on tasks

  •   Tuning out distractions

  •   Staying organized

  •   Starting multiple tasks, but not completing them

  •   Effective communication with co-workers

  •   Time management

  •   Missing important details


​With my help, you can learn how to maintain focus and increase productivity at work and in daily life, which is key to improving these difficulties.

Training for Parents

How to make your life and your child's life easier at home.

Children with ADHD typically struggle with concentration, memory, impulse control, processing speed, and an inability to follow directions. If you’re a parent of a child with ADD or ADHD, getting through homework, completing certain tasks like cleaning their room or even getting dressed in the morning, the feeling of being drained by their high energy levels and seeming lack of focus, is all too familiar.

The good news is that there is something you can do to help your child improve their concentration skills and other ADD/ADHD symptoms.

ADD-ADHD Information Evening


Learn more about ADD-ADHD, how to manage it, and get any questions you may have answered. 

What is the difference between ADD and ADHD? How can I be more productive, focused and organized in my daily life? What can I do at work to make my work more efficient? How can I help my child concentrate on important tasks at home? I can assist you in answering these and other questions about yourself or your child.


Next Info Evening: Wednesday, 18. September, 2019 at 6pm

30 Euro per Person

Max 10 Participants

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